About Us

The Aton company is medium size company in Western Region in Poland.

We produce coffins made of pine wood.


Our Localisation (70 KM from Poznan, 100 KM from Wroclaw) favors good,quick transport and logistics. Aton is constantly growing and develop. We’re open for new markets, targets and opportunities.We have been on the market since 1997. Our team consists of experts with many years of experience. With passion and envolvement we closely follow the international market trends.Our coffins, made from the best quality pine wood (delivered from strong business partner, with long history on wooden market).Collor of coffins paint with lacquer with high quality,attested  dye and varnish “Croma-Lake” and “Peter Lake”.

Aton company produce traditional, English and French style coffins. We are open also for new models and custom customer sizes & demands.

Due to the above, we can offer complex and creative solutions adapted to the visions and expectations of our customers.


We realize the order in 21 days, include the delivery.